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Compiling Wine with Freetype on Gentoo 64

I've run into this a couple of times now, so I thought I'd write down the solution. Otherwise I'll just waste a bunch more time the next time it happens. :-)

The problem is that when I try to build Wine directly from source on Gentoo using the standard ./configure; make flow, it fails on an issue with sfnt2fon and the courier.ttf file. However, while investigating the problem I ran across this bug: which suggests that the problem may be related to building a 32-bit version of it.

Sure enough, if I {{{./configure --enable-win64}}} then the build completes successfully. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure this would have been necessary anyway because the stuff I'm trying to run is 64-bit and won't run in 32-bit wine. {{--without-freetype}} is another option that got me around the build failure, but I seem to recall that it caused other issues when I tried to actually run things in wine.