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Wine Tricks

Note: By default Wine wants string values in the registry unless otherwise noted
Note 2: Some of these are now the default. Full Wine registry reference.

Wine defaults your video memory to 64 MB regardless of what your card has. To fix this regedit the key {{{HKCU->Software->Wine->Direct3D->VideoMemorySize}}}

For (hopefully) better compatibility with advanced shaders:
{{{HKCU->Software->Wine->Direct3D->UseGLSL}}} = {{{enabled}}}

Faster offscreen rendering:
{{{HKCU->Software->Wine->Direct3D->OffscreenRenderingMode}}} = {{{fbo}}}

Run individual apps in virtual desktops:
{{{wine explorer /desktop=name,1024x768 program.exe }}}

To force Wine to install the Gecko plugin:
{{{wine iexplore}}}